Sunday, November 20, 2011

Winning The Battle Against Depression Symptoms

Damage to feelings of sadness, nervousness and frustration are all living experience. We feel dissatisfaction after failure or sorrow after separation or loss.

Depression symptoms are feelings that can take any one at some point in time. To be able to manage and overcome depression, you must first recognize the reasons for the symptoms of depression and overcome these unhealthy emotions or thoughts.

These harmful feelings are regular and do not affect significantly our ability to meet our daily obligations. You can even say that it is also helpful to the extent that they help us much better understand some of our weaknesses.

When sorrow, instead of decreasing the time it becomes much more intense and lasts much longer than two weeks and interfere with the regular activities of our lives such as work, diet, sleep and our close relationship, then it is likely suffering from depressive disorders and need the support of a specialist to deal with it.

Sorrow can teach us so that we can stand adversity, which may arise later in life in a dynamic way. Insights arising from a bad experience help us to make an effort to change in order to avoid future adverse effects of immature behavior.

The main defining characteristic of depressive symptoms, not the presence of negative feelings, but the intensity of the severity and duration of time.

To understand the severe depression of any more, let's find a variety of symptoms that a person can experience when he or she has a depressive disorder. Here they are:

1. Recreate of interest or pleasure in all or almost all activities
2. Sometimes thoughts of death and suicide
3. Stress, anxiety, indecisiveness
4. Loss of energy and fatigue
5. A more or less appetite for food
6. Mood, most of the day virtually every day
7. Trends isolation, social withdrawal
8. Frustration, indifference
9. Many more or much less sleep
10. Continuing sorrow
11. Loss of interest in the search for erotic partner or sex.
12. Concerns and pessimism about the future.
13. Feelings of guilt.

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