Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to Analyze Depression

Depression is an illness. It is not only the mind. This is not an imaginary disease. It is a real illness that requires diagnosis. Therefore, a person who doubts himself or herself of depression should undergo a test for depression, to confirm the presence of disorder. Finally, depression is like any other disease that requires treatment.

Practitioners and mental health experts typically conduct a few tests for depression, to diagnose whether the patient suffers from depression or just have other medical conditions that exhibit symptoms similar to that of depression. Physical, laboratory and other studies are included in the evaluation of the patient away from the depression test. However, the main tool for the diagnosis of depression is through the experience of the person concerned of symptoms.

Mental health professionals as a whole to create a tool for assessment of depression. This instrument consists of questions relating to symptoms of depression. He tries to cause symptoms are experienced by the person seeking for mental health care. A person who is or experience five or more symptoms for two weeks or more is considered depressed. The following symptoms of depression included in the tool that is used to treat depression test.

1. Loss of appetite leading to weight loss
2. Nutrition, which leads to weight gain
3. Insomnia or difficulty sleeping during sleep time
4. Hypersomnia or uspivaneto during waking hours
5. Feeling of worthlessness
6. Feelings of helplessness
7. Sense of hopelessness
8. Feeling too much wine
9. Lack of energy and always feeling tired
10. Losing interest in previously enjoyed activities
11. Problem of concentration or focus
12. Difficulty in making decisions or remembering trivial details
13. Frequent thoughts of suicide
14. Restless, irritable or aggressive

The above symptoms can be assessed during the Depression Test. However, to exclude other medical conditions, primarily by other diagnostic tests.

Other tests conducted to ensure that the patient is not suffering from other diseases include blood tests, CT scans or MRI, electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram. Blood tests are done to verify that the symptoms manifested by the patient are not caused by disease or imbalance of thyroid hormones. Another component of depression tests radiology studies such as CT and MRI. They are used to confirm the presence of brain tumor. Furthermore, the electrocardiogram is used to test the presence of heart condition that could have caused symptoms or depressive disorders. Finally, the electroencephalogram is used to evaluate changes or abnormalities in the brain of the person concerned. All these diagnostic tests are carried out with the depression test. But then again, these studies are intended to exclude other diseases, not just to diagnose depression in themselves.

In fact, depression is a serious disease. This can lead to functional and social disability of the person concerned. In fact, it is one of the most common causes of death today. Therefore, as soon as possible a person suspected of depression should be submitted / test for yourself and treat depression. Depression test is a reliable test for diagnosis of depression. However, the test result depression should be examined by medical or mental health expert to ensure that the diagnosis is accurate.

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