Monday, November 21, 2011

Depression In Senior Citizens

It is not unusual for senior citizens to become depressed, and there are different ways to say when someone you know is stressed with this condition. Depression can be caused by more than a few things. It is important when you first notice the signs and symptoms to address the problem immediately. Choosing to ignore the signs of depression can lead to conditions that is far more serious and even life threatening.

Depression is a normal part of aging. But this is common in people over age 65 and symptoms of depression may be different for adults than for younger people.

American Academy of Family Physicians lists these common symptoms of depression in adults:

Losing interest in activities that were once enjoyed.

Feelings of sadness, numbness, worthlessness or guilt.

Suddenly crying for no reason, or crying regularly.

Feeling tired, slow, restless or irritable.

Sudden change in appetite or unexplained change in weight.

Changes in sleep patterns, including sleeping too much or sleep problems.

Difficulty remembering or intent, and making decisions.

As frequent headaches, backaches or digestive problems

Depression is a very serious situation that often goes undiagnosed and treated in the old. Many of the symptoms of someone slipping into depression are wrong for a normal part of getting old.

Also, depression has non-environmental causes. Brain damage, tumors and chemical imbalances can cause depression. Be alert that some instruction medicines can trigger depression.

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