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Teen Depression And Teen Depression Symptoms

Teen depression is something that has become more common in homes every year, despite all the advances in other areas of our lives, it seems that teenagers are still likely to feel depressed with their lives. As a parent, this is very disturbing. Signs of clinical depression can have terrible consequences if they are not treated quickly enough.

Statistics shows that in eight teens suffer from depression, and what is worse is that most of these teens just go by themselves, without any kind of help. They just, Äúsurvive "this phase until they are adults.

Why did this happen? According to a report in 2002 from the University, "Brown", it was found that parents (even those who have excellent communication with their sons and daughters) can not recognize the symptoms of teen depression. It is important then to know these symptoms and find the best way to help our children.

Teen Depression Symptoms

To operate, one must first know the symptoms of depression in teenagers. You should be alert for signs of sadness, despair, hopelessness or lack of interest in everything, monitor your child and listen to how he / she is. Depressed teens are also very irritable and impatient and they just seem to get into trouble with siblings, parents, authority figures and others.

Sometimes, depression is expressed in the way of physical symptoms such as muscle aches, headache, insomnia, increased or decreased appetite and weight. If you can not tell from the way they express it is a good way to start noticing any symptom.

In general, you will notice they are far Äúfading, the African Union not as interested in anything missing classes, dropping out of sport, loneliness, etc.

Teen depression

Treatment for teen depression differs from adult depression. The main difference is that at their age, they are not fully developed emotional and mental tools to go through this phase of their own. Of course, there may be exceptions, but most teenagers simply can not resist depression and learn how to deal with it. That is why they resort to EN to drugs, alcohol and dangerous activities.

You need to avoid failure, recognizing teen depression, the problem is the most important step because this is the first step that will cure a child of this disease (yes, this is a disease like diabetes). After recognizing the problem and do something instead of blaming someone or something else, the next step is to talk to your child with professionals while respecting his / her status as a discreet and understanding.

There are schools that have a counselor for these types of problem, but if your child wants to go to school counseling psychologist might be a good help to combat teen depression. They are experienced people who know how to effectively treat your child while you will guide you on what to do as a parent. In these cases, sometimes medication is recommended, although it may be seen as a large and rapid response to the problem, talk to your doctor about any side effects and alternative treatments.


  1. i agree with you that depression increasing now very quickly in the adults and in the teen agers. but n my point of view these totally links with the higher expectation of the parents from the students.that increasing the depression.

  2. Depression is a very common issue not only to teenagers but to adults as well. Good for adults because they already have that coping mechanism unlike our teens that really finds it very difficult to cope up. Since depression can lead to further complications many programs are now created to treat the issue. People today are lucky though because there are so many ways that they can be helped in the issues they will face.

  3. Teen depression can be seen almost anywhere, but there are people who are willing to help them. It may be hard for these kids to experience the pain, but with the help of parents, teachers, doctors, and schools, they would know they aren't alone.


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