Sunday, November 20, 2011

Depression in Women

Depression is the most general disease affecting a large number of women worldwide. Women are at high risk of getting depression than men. There are many reasons women are more prone to depression than men. They contain hormones, social pressures, abused physically and mentally and emotionally sensitive. In most cases, women are unaware that they suffer from depression and did not choose to take proper treatment for him. Signs of depression in men and women are almost similar and the only difference is in the case of women, it happens more frequently and clearly visible. Different types of depression that are seen in women include overexcited depression, postpartum depression and bipolar depression. There are some common physical symptoms of depression in women. They include:

   1. Weigh loss or weight gain
   2. Tired feeling or sense of helplessness
   3. Eating and sleeping more than is usually done
   4. Low power consumption
   5. Be short of of appetite
   6. Morbid thoughts
   7. Lack of concentration
   8. Feeling of loneliness

Different studies have been conducted and it was found that a complex relationship between hormones and women. When these hormone levels are different, this leads too many changes, such as fatigue, mood swings and irritability, are common symptoms of depression. Many studies have also been undertaken recently to understand the link between depression in women and the role of various psychological and physical problems. You can easily identify it if you keep track of your mood before and during menstruation. This will help you check whether you are suffering from this type of depression and to take appropriate measures to cure it. Women face depression at least once in your life. Some of the face during pregnancy or after it. Some other faces during menopause, because there is a connection between menopause and depression. There are various websites that offer information about depression in women, its causes, symptoms and effective methods for treating depression. You should consult a physician or choose for counseling session. Besides these, you can join a support group and discuss their problems with people facing the same problem. Adoption of different methods for creating awareness about depression in women and the need for timely detection and treatment. The details mentioned above will provide you with information about depression in women, its symptoms and treatment.

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